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Merlin's friend William is dismissive of Arthur's efforts, feeling they constitute egoism, though he ultimately saves the young prince's life. I don't know, I just love just how much of a family they all are: Morgana, Merlin, Arthur and Gwen. Nonetheless the villagers are inexperienced in martial ways and Merlin must use magic and conjure up a wind-storm to help see off the bandits. Lindsey is so much fun and Katie can always depend on her! She and Katie knew it was fate when they both started talking about..again, cats.Lauren and Katie both hope to one day have Bug and Bailey meet and Katie plans to give her life savings away to Lauren's cat, Bug. They grew up dancing together and became best friends in high school in freshman English class.Since '11 she hasn't done many red carpets. I wish we'd know, just to satisfy my curiosity. granted she's less known then some other actresses, but spent 5 years of BBC's Merlin and has a part in Jurassic World. The Leading Lady twitter said she won't be able to make the premiere on Nov 13th. Pt 2 First, Colin was asked at Supanova '11 (Australian Con) whether he was dating Katie...•A girl who looked about eight (or younger?I do find it head scratching that we know absolutely nothing about her love life. I don't think she'd ditch her own premiere so it must be a new job keeping her away. Most celebs jet off set for a day or two just to attend a premiere. I kind of think Katie doesn't like red carpets. ) asked whether Colin and Katie were dating – he said that was a very sly question from someone so young, then said "no", but he couldn’t really discuss it further. Merlin's friend William is dismissive of Arthur's efforts, feeling they constitute egoism though he ultimately saves the young prince's life. See more » "Hearing that his village is being threatened by a warlord and his gang, Merlin travels home with Gwen, Morgana and Arthur, the latter doing his best to drill the peaceful villagers into a fighting force.

He attended the Central Junior Television Workshop in Nottingham, England. In 2017, he joined FOX's Deep State starring Mark Strong.

He received his acting training from the Cental Junior Television Workshop located at Nottingham. He cheered for the Nottingham Forest football team.

Il a étudié à la Central Junior Television Workshop et à la West Bridgford School, Nottingham.

Rare are the moments when a series so thoroughly shakes its audience with a grim marriage of shock and bloodshed - but in an epic feat, David Benioff and D. Weiss execute an exquisite betrayal, turning a strategic alliance into a red wedding so infamous that the world was left gasping for breath.

GAME OF THRONES could ascend to the heavens of epic fantasy through sheer spectacle alone, but ... Weiss's vast epic fantasy smashes through the "small screen" with clashing swords, lusty clinches and kingdoms for the taking.

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