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Scores of Zimbabweans living in SA have stormed the Zimbabwean embassy in Pretoria, and Several African dignitaries are in Botswana for the memorial and funeral service of former president Sir Ketumile Masire.

The land-locked African country, which will celebrate 50 years of independence next year, is known for its rare combination of desert and delta, as well as its vast array of wildlife.Now facing a citizenry leery of a white Briton as their Queen, the international opposition is even more unyielding from the British holding their land as a protectorate and fearful of South Africa's racist backlash to this affront to their apartheid domination.Against all odds, King Khama and Ruth must struggle to maintain their love and help their people in a land that would become the Republic of Botswana.Patrick Gabaakanye, 65, was hanged in May for the 2010 axe murder of an elderly man, according to media in Botswana.Amnesty says another 283 people across southern Africa faced the death sentence at the end of 2016, including 157 in Zambia and 97 in Zimbabwe.

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