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Keeneland Select also reserves the right to close an account for any reason it deems necessary (except for race, sex, color, or creed).Upon closing an account, all funds will be returned to the account holder via check mailed to the registered account address within five (5) business days.After 34 weeks, it becomes more and more difficult to obtain good pictures since the baby is running out of room.

I fill out application after application and end up being told they have choosen another candidate. Yes I got into a fight with a crazy person wielding a rifle.

At 15 weeks we can determine the gender with a very high accuracy.

If you are over 16 weeks and the gender can not be seen, we invite you back for a weekday return appointment and we will rescan you for free within the next 14 days.

Maintenance is "spousal support" paid by one spouse to another (we used to call it "alimony").

After your divorce, you and your spouse will probably not have as high a standard of living as you each had while married, especially if you are both employed at vastly different incomes.

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