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The night before his appearance, Scott heard through a friend of a friend that Kourtney was out on a date with a guy back in Los Angeles, which caused him to go on a tailspin. I'm going to stay the course.' He fully has said that to me three times." However, it becomes clear that the news has hit Scott harder than anyone would have guessed.

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"Kourtney and I have been spending a lot more time together, so I decided to take her and the kids to Aspen, and she agreed to go.Asked to describe what he had heard on that particular day, he hesitated.It was only when the coroner, Lord Justice Scott Baker, interjected, saying: 'This is relevant', that Mr Burrell replied: 'Well, she called the princess a whore and she said that she was messing around with f****** Muslim men and she was disgraceful. Mrs Shand Kydd went through a bitter divorce from Diana's father Earl Spencer, after she left him for wallpaper tycoon Peter Shand Kydd.The pair did not speak again before Diana died two months later, according to her butler Paul Burrell. The sensational revelation came on the day that he told how: • Diana was planning to marry Dr Khan;• Her romance with Dodi Fayed was just a '30-day' fling;• Prince Philip did write 'cutting' letters to the princess but would not have ordered her murder;• The Queen warned him of mysterious 'powers at work' - but he had no idea what she meant.The 49-year-old former butler revealed that Diana's bitter conversation with her mother happened in June 1997, during the last throes of her relationship with Dr Khan and just two months before she and Dodi died in Paris.

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