Changmin dating victoria

There’s a pause, then Victoria says something to Amber in Chinese that makes her burst out laughing.“You’re the third guy who’s offered to ‘tutor’ her,” Amber translates. There’s a similar sort of flutter in the pit of his stomach as he watches Victoria dance, hanging out in the doorway of the practice room just out of her line of sight. “Hey,” Victoria says, crouching beside her bag with her arms around her knees. There’s that new place that opened up behind the building. Her eyes dart away, as though she’s suddenly unsure of herself. Changmin sniffs and turns his nose up.“Victoria’s not that kind of girl,” he says.“Please, more like you’re not that kind of girl,” Yunho cackles. Play the protective older brother and defend your virtue? Well – there had been that one girlfriend who’d called him a prude. .“Stupid hyung,” Changmin mutters.“I heard that,” Yunho calls from the hall.“Stupid hyung,” Changmin repeats loudly and in his general direction. “Is that any way to talk to someone who landed you a date with the girl of your dreams? ”Yunho flops down on the couch with a long-suffering sigh. It’s an abrupt, oddly forward request from her, but Changmin’s brain jams the second she makes the offer so he doesn’t spend too long analysing it. But everyone’s been very nice,” Victoria says in her halting Korean. If you need help with your Korean,” Changmin suggests. Changmin remembers his teenage boy crush on Yunho and the way he first felt watching him dance, dumbstruck at the way his limbs moved like silk. The first time she calls him oppa – haltingly and not quite sure she’s allowed – Changmin is so pleased his ears go red.“Actually – ” Victoria laughs. ”“I’m a year older than you,” she clarifies.“Oh really? They’re cleaning up the practice room, lingering extra long over each item to prolong the exercise. ”Changmin leans forward some more, gets right up in her personal space. Victoria goes cross-eyed in surprise before she closes her eyes and kisses back.- - -Yunho corners him at the kitchen counter a week later, grinning lasciviously.“So? “Sex can be a great icebreaker Changminnie.”He’s teasing him. The tips of his ears go red.“Stupid hyung,” he mumbles fondly.- - -They’ve been dating for a month when Victoria asks him if he wants to have sex. In fact, Exo’s performance in 2015 may likely affect whether Exo stays OT10 or not in 2016.Aside from the chinese members, a korean member with a big fanbase is not happy about how he is not getting the resources that other members with similar fanbases are getting. It’s part envy, part awe at being so effortlessly good at something he’s had to work so hard at. Changmin sort of wants to crawl away in humiliation.“No, that’s not what I – I mean of course you’re all sweaty, I can see that. He tells Victoria he wants her to tutor Changmin in Chinese traditional dance – it’s more fluid than the sort of dances they normally do and he thinks it’ll be good for him.“He needs all the help he can get,” Yunho says, cheerfully vicious. In return Changmin teaches her Korean, trying to avoid too much of the slang and swearwords he normally teaches foreign friends. Victoria eventually beats him to the punch and asks him out first. I’d love to grab a coffee.”He keeps on leaning, pulled almost magnetically, until he finds his target. “Yeah well not all of us are like you, ready to give it up on the first date.”Yunho laughs, loud and booming. He squeezes Changmin’s foot with his hands, massaging it absently.“I told her that when we were on hiatus and I was out getting drunk every night and ignoring your calls, you would find out where I was from my friends and bring me home every night and hold my hair while I threw up and tuck me into bed and never once got angry or asked for a thank you.” Yunho’s expression softens. “I told her you’re the best man I know and if she didn’t go out with you I’d be very hurt.”Changmin hides his face in his manga. Changmin kind of wants the floor to open up and swallow him.- - -It’s always been the dancers that got to him. A confused look briefly crosses her face before she gives a self-conscious laugh and reaches for a towel.“Good one,” she says. She’s all grace and he’s six feet of awkwardness and verbal diarrhea trying so hard to be a rockstar but he can tell – she sees right through him. Yunho quietly facepalms in the background.- - -Eventually Yunho steps in and breaks up whatever the hell trainwreck version of flirting Changmin is trying to do. “Maybe he can tutor me in Korean in return.”When the hell did her Korean get so good, is what Changmin wants to know. She’s patient and encouraging, even when he messes up the most simple steps. It’s incredibly cute.“Just – get back to work,” she grouses, shoving him, and Changmin laughs at her sudden shyness. ” Changmin yelps.“That’s a no.”Changmin growls low in his throat. ” Changmin gives him a distressed look and Yunho laughs.

" Changmin mumbles, distracted."I heard her boobs are huge," Minho says enthusiastically. Kyuhyun and Minho cackle and start after him, but they're stopped at the door by an unimpressed-looking Yunho."Nice try nerds," he says. Victoria had also invited Shim Jae Won, stylists, and other staff members.It just so happened that Max Changmin was shown reflected off the spoon.Chen apparently did date the girl from apink that he was rumoured with. Luhan & Kris’ departure actually made the remaining members closer to each other as the cliques that was present before got dissolved.However, with the departure of the members last year, he broke up with her. One of the vocal line has some sort of injury that he got from a foreign performance that exo attended last year, most fans are guess either DO or Chen.

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